In my last semester at Cornell I took a course, ECE 4760, that has a final project where groups have to create an embedded project over the course of a month. I partnered up with Sima Mitra and created TicTocTrac.

TicTocTrac is a watch that tracks time perception. You’ve probably experienced having time seem to fly by or drag on. TicTocTrac not only displays the current time, but also keeps track of how often you check the watch and your time perception. Time perception is measured by having you complete a duration creation task where you tell the watch when you think a random duration has elapsed and it tells you how far off you are. The video below demonstrates this much better than I can write about it.

To find out more about time perception check out TicTocTrac’s about page. To find out more about the watch check out TicTocTrac’s documentation page.