Maker Faire Presentation

I was approached by the Health 2.0 group to give a talk about hacking the Zeo Sleep Manager for use as a Quantified Self tool at Maker Faire NYC 2011. I had already been hoping to go to Maker Faire and love the Quantified Self Movement, so I excitedly accepted. I had a pretty good turnout at my talk:

I decided instead of putting together a boring powerpoint mentioning all the resources available, I would actually use the relevant websites as a backdrop to my presentation. This was a bit of a problem since the wifi at Maker Faire was extremely overloaded, but I managed to quickly figure out how to tether my phone and cache the websites on my netbook. The lineup of websites I used was:

sleep is awesome infographic

a graphic of sleepstages homepage description of Zeo

blog post on how I hacked Zeo

site where I could show my own sleep data

offline Zeo data decoder

offline Zeo data viewer

Zeo streaming raw data access

picture of user connecting Zeo to Arduino

sleepstreamonline past data viewer

(Username: Brian; no password)

sleepstreamonline current data viewer

(used to stream my brainwaves during the talk)

lucidipedia lucid dreaming website

amazing sleep art by Laurie Frick