Maker Faire EEG Fedora

When I was invited to talk at the Health 2.0 tent at Maker Faire NYC 2011, I decided I couldn’t simply go without making something neat to show. I wanted to show how Zeo could be used in peculiar ways by utilizing the open tools I had developed. I chose to make a hat that would stream the wearer’s brainwaves to a tablet display worn around my neck.

I embedded Zeo’s fabric sensor inside of the hat:

I made sure to leave a hole through the fedora that allowed the Zeo electronics to snap into place on the outside:

I connected a simple serial to bluetooth adapater to the Zeo and wrote an android app that received and displayed the Zeo data. The main Zeo module was powered off of my netbook’s USB port and kept in my backpack. The result was interesting enough that I got a small spot in Make Magazine: